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Job Versus Career

Find a more fulfilling future
You’ve heard of a dream job, but what about a “dream career”? What’s the difference between the two? Put simply, a job is work you might select randomly without considering your interests, goals, or skills. But a career involves planning your course, learning the necessary skills, and purposely deciding on the places to apply based on your interests, skills, and work values. Ultimately, you will be happier if you take the time to develop a career plan, but it won’t be something you’ll decide in an afternoon. It’s more of a lifetime project, and you’ll need to work at it. You can start exploring options now. The correct career choice will bring personal, as well as professional, satisfaction and afford you the lifestyle you want. The wrong choice can leave you frustrated. If you want a fulfilling career—not just a job—take action now, and get organized. The next stage of your life will happen whether you are ready or not! It’s closer than you think. Adult Career and Education can help you with selecting and pursuing the career of your dreams.