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Free Money? Currently Accepting 2017-18 Scholarships

Most adult students who complete the ACE program and have earned their GED Credential have aspirations to pursue a college degree or receive more advanced training in vocational studies. These students are driven and motivated. As educators, we recognize the zeal and spark that has encouraged them and are inspired to know that we can play a part in this process. ACE would like to see that spark, that desire to learn, grow into a wild fire and never die. The Cathy Campbell Scholarship is one way for us to keep fanning those flames and further support our students as they rise to the possibilities.  
The Cathy Campbell scholarship is in honor of one of our ABE/ASE Instructor, Cathy Campbell, who we recently lost. Ms. Campbell will be missed by the ACE staff and the many students she has helped in the community. This particular scholarship is designated for a student that has completed the ACE program and earned a GED credential during 2017-18 fiscal year from Amherst County, where Ms. Campbell taught for over 14 years. 
Please click here to view or apply for either one of the two scholarships that are available this current year.